Month: August 2016

Put up or shut up

Most will be familiar with my grumblings this year, the same old excuses the same old issues and the same old fairly crappy results. 

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised; another year older, another knee operation at the start of the year, no fitter and certainly no smarter than I was in 2013 when I did my first local sprint tri. 

No structured plan, no build up, rest, build again phases and certainly no taper before the main event in the lakes. Rushing from pillar to post to cram training in to fit shortern timescales and then being disappointed at the unsurprising results. No doubt something which will be repeated at least twice more this year (chillswim coniston and Chester marathon) 

Which begs the question of just what the hell should I do about it?

Clearly one option is to get a coach to prepare me a plan and (hopefully) bully me into some sort of routine which would improve results and general happiness. Also manage my races and tell me when I am being an idiot and booking to many events. 

But will an improvement in my times equal an improve of my happiness or general well being. Is it value for money at £40-£50 a month? Does it make more sense to employ a coach and not spend as much on races in 2017? 

The other options are to keep going as I am or stop completely. I do from time to time really really not enjoy triathlons; the mild panic attacks in the swim are still occurring and my knees mean that the ‘run’ leg is frequently painful and slow. 

Would achieving a PB at Olympic, 70.3 or ironman decrease this unhappiness? I would assume so but is it worth £600 a yr to do so? 

Anyone who has bothered to read this and has had experiences of using coaches feel free to drop me a message about the subject; I welcome both good and bad comments as at the moment I feel quite close to walking away from my hobby.

I will leave you with a suitably gormless picture of the swim exit at the weekend where I struggled throughout