Semi Pro

I finished the last blog with;

Life is short – might as well try and enjoy it – if that doesn’t involve long distance tri then I am sure I can find something to occupy my time….

That was the 23rd December and since then I have had a whole 2 months of doing chuff all. Sitting around being ill a couple of times, sitting around and trying to rest my pre op broken knee and then sitting around attempting to aid recovery by resting a post op broken knee.

Sitting around is surprisingly tiring, especially when struggling to sleep at night but managing to nap on the sofa during the day, surrounded by coffee cups and biscuits.

I love a good vicious circle me.

During the period I had the wonderful task of cancelling race entries and accommodations for the three original A race’s for 2016; London Marathon, Weekend Warrior and Lakesman; figuring I should do it early rather than leaving that carrot dangling over myself and the potential to rush recovery rather than just getting things sorted correctly.

So finally after 4 years of trying I get an entry to London I then have to cancel my place – typical I guess. Least if a miracle happens and I manage to stay injury free over December ’16 – February –’17 I will be able to use my deferred place then; what’s another year between friends. Will be a nice novelty to be able to go for a run in January.

It’s not all doom and gloom though; after the cortisone injection didn’t work pre-Christmas I managed to get the operation booked in for the 20th January and to me that represented good progress ( a whole 6 weeks earlier than last year’s op schedule) – one of the joys of worshipping at the altar of the cows I guess is free private health. The subs must have gone up judging by the copies of the bills I keep seeing popping through my door.

img_5242 img_5246

The operation was successful and they did more than expected by removing some tendinitis’s knocking around inside my knee as well, hopefully meaning that its stronger than my right knee in the future. Granted this pushes out the recovery time a little bit but in theory will benefit me in the long run and I am especially keen to get out of the cycle of having an operation every chuffing year. Also the other big change this time around is that I have managed to source a proper physio recovery session / planned timeline which I am attempting to follow as closely as possible, including weekly sessions where they make me almost cry by stretching me to weird and wonderful shapes.

And rigidly sticking to what I am told to do; including some pelvic thrusts, squats and standing on one leg with either my eyes closed or with someone throwing a ball at me to catch. Sexy it is not.

I have even been swimming in a pool! Twice! Which is 100% more than last year’s swimming pool time.

Due to that process I am confident of this time around being fully fit earlier in the year and not missing many of my rearranged race schedule for the year. I mean this time last year I hadn’t even had the op and I was back at the Market Drayton 10k, albeit unfit, so hopefully this time I am back with an improvement over last years’ time.


My 2016 potential race calendar now, hopefully and rather wonderfully, looks a little bit like this;


Market Drayton 10k – May 8th

Shin Dig In The Shire – HM – 21st May

Bala 70.3 – June 5th

WTS Leeds Olympic – June 12th

Titan 70.3 Brecon – 18th June

Castle series 70.3/ oly  – June 26th

Chirk HM – July 10th

Monster 70.3 – 21st August

Coniston end to end swim – Sept 4th

Castle series – September 25th 70.3

Bangor HM 8th Oct

Flint 10k – 23th Oct

Conway HM – 22nd Nov

Sunrise to sunset challenge – 27th Dec

Plenty of variety this time around, half marathons off and on road, 10k’s, a marathon swim, a ultra (hopefully after 2 years of trying to reach start line of the same event) an Olympic distance triathlon in my second hometown and 5 (that might need revising down somewhat) x 70.3’s. I will attempt to approach all of these with a sense of fun and relaxation and just half an eye on PB’s and times overall.

I need to get back into things as my wife seems to have turned into Paula Radcliffe this year; upping mileage, frequency and reducing times – she won’t admit it but I am pretty sure she almost likes running now, almost. And I am not having her beat me, seen as I am almost semi pro like.



The positive effect of this is that my daughter seeming likes running as well and I can’t wait for the moment when all three of us can go for a little plod together. So much so that I picked some of the above events based on if they do a fun run / 3k / 5k race before the 10k / HM I hope to enter.




Thanks to the ever wonderful people at 9bar for continued support in the face of my general uselessness that I provide and for again welcoming me back as part of the team alongside the amazing bars they allow me to feast on and race with, the luminous race kit, the brilliant race entries and constant mickey taking on social media.

Looking further ahead I will have the rearranged the London marathon place and weekend warrior slot for 2017, so that’s a pretty good start and I do fancy racing aboard somewhere with the iconic challenge Roth (if I can ever get a slot) or Challenge Poznan or Ironman Barcelona (fast and flat) or The Brutal (because its nuts) all options if I do go long again, or maybe a nice long walk somewhere slightly hilly could potentially be on the cards.


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