Something to tickle your pickle

I have always been a little sceptical about the use of a lot of tablets and powders in the world of getting fit. I still remember having slimfast drinks all those years ago in a bid to kick start weightloss and not be such a cuddly chubby monkey.

Shockingly it never worked and I had massive changes in my weight – usually ending up heavier than when I had actually started. After all those years of being on the obese side of ‘normal’ weight I discovered that I actually liked exercising and ill-fitting lyrca and when I did partake in getting sweaty it meant that I often didn’t have the energy to eat a family 4 pack of kit kat chunky by myself on my lunch break (not that I have ever done that) (ok I used to on a regular basis + a normal lunch)(sometimes it was mars bars)

Now I am a seasoned (well not a completely green newbie anymore, although I did put my helmet on back to front at outlaw) I have been for a while using protein powders after training to ensure that I get maximum benefit and try to improve as much as possible from the limited sessions I complete when not injured. I have had the discussions in the past surrounding the usability / performance benefits of such things in comparison to things like chocolate milk and for me it undoubtedly works and I have to say I am a convert.

A convert to a particular brand I have to say. Now, some of you who are seemingly limited in the mental capacity department and regularly read my waffle will know that sometime ago I linked up with Pharmamuscle (link) and since then I have been using a range of the products to review and see if they work for me, offer help and to see if I stick to the intake if it improves my results.

It doesn’t mean that you don’t have to attempt to train every waking hour of the day (when not injured) however the performance differences I have seen in the last 8 weeks are impressive by my humble standards. With a heavy event schedule throughout June and building towards outlaw at the end of July I have been utilising the start of this link up with Pharmamuscle and putting a selection of their products through their paces and into my usual dietary / training plan.

I have had the two biggest training months ever back to back in May and June and July is shaping up nicely despite a niggling left knee at the moment. The products I have used are namely the whey protein ( the metaburn tablets ( and the aminos bcaa capsules (

Many of you may remain sceptical of my improvements but the proof is in the powder – my weight has continued to drop off despite me eating the same if not more than before (including more than one treat trip to the pub), I don’t feel as hungry between meals, I am recovering quicker between sessions and am able to go again much quicker than ever before. For me this means sticking to the training plan and not missing sessions. I don’t have that many sessions in the plan so if I do miss one it often means I miss out – with limited time to catch up again.

My swimming has improved no end over the same time period (I can now do a comfortable 3.5k in 58 minutes and not be out of breath) and this dovetails nicely with the new wetsuit purchase. My biking is now consistent and again I out preformed my expectations on the bike leg of two 70.3 events this month (finishing 16 minutes overall behind the pro winner at Outlaw) and my running has probably seen the biggest improvement. At the castle series 70.3 I ran a 1:47 HM which for many of you would be slow, but for me it beat my previous best times by 15mins at that distance triathlon.

It also meant that I ran myself into 24th position overall – by far and away the best result I have achieved so far, especially considering it included numerous pros and relay teams. Not only that but afterwards I felt fine. Well not immediately afterwards – as ever I had a lie down and felt like I wanted to empty the energy gel contents of my stomach whence they came – but the next day I felt good, I did a light run and then the following day I ran 10 miles and swam open water 3.5k.

Compare this to after outlaw when I had just started taking the products and I could hardly move for the first half of the week. At the end of that week I did Chester Olympic and again went well, holding my own on the undulating bike course and producing a 48m 10k run in blistering hot conditions, to PB the Olympic distance by a couple of minutes.

The other thing about the protein powders taste is its actually nice! The chocolate flavour I have been using is easy to mix with water or milk and also works well in my breakfast smoothies with the addition of Kale, frozen bananas and chia seeds – looks disgusting but tastes lovely.

As I have the chocolate flavour it also takes away the chocolate urges elsewhere, so I don’t feel the need to reach for a treat and it actually tastes like the proper chocolate with that little bit of bitterness.

I would definitely recommend you check the website out and have a look for yourself – they are a friendly / helpful bunch and get the products out every quickly to you.

Also on the website is a lot of training tips and advice if like me you still don’t really know what you are doing!

I would point you in the direction of the ambassador page as well – they are looking for similar folks to myself to help out / test products going forward – if I can do it there is no reason why anyone reading this couldn’t either


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