Month: February 2013

Been awhile..

I realise its been awhile and I also have to come clean. The main reason for finding the motivation to divert time to writing an entry is a competition. Entry to strongman Germany, all expenses paid no less. Something I thought I would never do due to location and expense, so you can’t blame me can you???

My other ‘excuse’ for not writing is that I have been just to busy actually exercising, which as excuses go is pretty awesome if you think about.

At the start of the year I set myself tough targets for the year; mainly 2013 miles in the year, a massive uplift from my previous year of exercise. However despite a 2 week holiday in Lanzarote ( which I will come back to later) I have smashed the targets so far


Some of you might know that I am an accountant and hence love a graph, so it will come as no surprise that I have a spreadsheet to log exercise and hopefully weight loss. The above one shows this years effort compared to last years!

The holiday emphasised to me how far we have come as a family unit. Stronger than ever, happier than ever and all of us pushing boundaries. Zoe, throwing herself (literally) into activities including swimming in the sea for the first time, sue having the confidence in the water for the first time, the determination to overcome her fears of holding a ‘little’ snake for the first time ever and me taking my running gear on holiday and actually using it.

It all puts it into perspective; look at your fears, your challenges and attempt them. We stayed at costa teguise and behind which is an old volcano which I looked at and thought it would be tough but good to climb. 12 days into a two week holiday I finally got the balls to climb it. Rather fittingly in the rain, before dawn. I loved it an even had the energy to have a little jig and singsong to myself on the top


Perhaps it was not surprising that I wanted to do some exercise whilst away seen as my reading material was Andy Holgates second book about life and triathlon in general; including doing the Lanzarote ironman. I enjoyed the book so much so that as soon as I finished it I started it immediately again. It’s a very inspiring and moving book and it highlighted the balance between life and training. Something I think I have taken on board; incorporating family time into training is fantastic and a great excuse for us all to go swimming at the weekend, with me disappearing for 15 minute sessions to get some proper lengths in.

Guess it jut shows how far I have come so far.

Still; two weeks all inclusive hit the waist line despite the running and I am still not back to my target for the y


But I shall keep going and with the miles adding up and more events on the horizon (including hopefully a trip to Germany) I am determined to get back to the target.

Still; I am currently at my lowest weight for the best part of 15 years. Progress is progress!