Progress 😀

So then, having just re read the first entry it appears to not make a massive deal of sense, I blame sleepiness.


So a recap is in order, this will contain new information so don’t worry if you pick up on things which you didn’t see the first time around.


Right now on the 12th October 2012, I have two days left in my current job and a little over a week till I start a nice new big adventure in my career. This year I have successfully managed to pass the remaining levels of CIMA (accountancy guff for those of you not in the know) which is still slightly unbelievable considering it consisted of 15 exams in total so now I am virtually a qualified accountant (yes I am a bean counter of sorts, please don’t let it affect your opinion of me)


Last Christmas I weighed 295lbs or 21.1 stones, my marriage had been through a rocky patch (all of my own making) and I had almost managed to lose the most important two people from my life. My wife and daughter.


It is easy to look back now and say with Heinz (is that how you spell it, like the same as…the more you eat the more you fart?) sight that this unhappiness and discontent I had in the summer of 2011 was down to my ever increasing weight – it’s a clear and obvious, some would say lazy link. I was morbidly obese, I wasn’t comfortable in my own skin, I wasn’t pleasant to be around, I shied away from going out in social situations and when I did I didn’t really enjoy them or turned to an increase level of drinking to ‘numb’ feelings of discomfort.


But after Christmas something changed in my mind set in regards to my attitude. By that point things were back on a more even footing at home and I had started to more activity think about what I was going to do about my weight.


As previously mentioned I have been a fairly consistent yo-yo dieter in the past, I had spells of being in the 17stones, which would gradually turn into the 18, 19 then 20 stones. I have always vowed to change and stop eating unhealthily in the past, but didn’t do enough.


So radical steps were needed,  by this time my still gorgeous wife also lets say had become more voluptuous and it was her idea and my introduction to twitter which sparked the change.


Firstly. I started using twitter before Christmas. Seems simple. Seems straight forward.


I didn’t really know anything about it; just that it was the current trend at the moment. So like a sheep I joined. The ability to select who to follow and grab a glimpse of their life seemed a strange novelty at that point to me.


I started following people I liked and being a part time F1 fan I started to follow Jake Humphrey (@mrjakehumphrey) and started to notice his tweets about a challenge that somebody was doing throughout the whole of December. That somebody, I owe a massive debt to. I have never met him, nor will I ever but he has had a massive effect upon my life. It has never cost me a penny to hear his advice, feed of his motivation, or aspire to achieve some of his monthly challenges.


That person is In-kilter Fitness (@stuartAmoryPT).


Now the above might sound a little over the top, like I am over playing his role in me turning my lifestyle around. I have ran and cycled every mile myself this year, I have been the out in the cold and dark British summer weather but his help has been massive.


I honestly can’t over state or emphasis this enough. His videos of the challenge gave me the motivation to start doing something about my weight. His followers responses and growing fit team family enabled me a support structure of people – many in the same boat as myself.


I am not sure if it’s because Twitter allows a degree of honesty due to the privacy or the fact that none of my family ( wife aside )or friends are connected to me on it, but I started opening up to people I had never met. About my problems, about my struggles, when I was having bad days I turned to them to give me that boost to get out of bed. From January and throughout 2012 I would turn to twitter before dragging myself out of bed to exercise, for motivation, for inspiration, for pictures, for messages of support.


This morning is a case in point – it was cold it was wet, I had been out on my bike in a storm last night and done 11 miles and I was sore. I turned on twitter after my 5.30 alarm went off and scrolled down. Three separate people I follow were all up, were all about to exercise and 1 had put a motivation picture up. Boom. That was me up and out.


It has helped me countless times throughout the year and I look forward to see what #fitteam12 turns into in 2013.


Stuart’s pictures and blogs of himself competing at events throughout the year have encouraged me to start down that road. If you had ever told me I would be signing up for events I would have laughed in your face. The picture of him running across the finish line with his boy in his arms, is exactly what I want ( with my daughter not his son, otherwise that would be very strange)


If your still paying attention, its ok if you have given up the will to live not much more I promise, I said my gorgeous wife’s idea drove the change to begin with. Now again this seems so strangely easy and obvious, costs next to nothing, but for us both it meant a big change.


Her idea. Drum roll please.


Get naked (sounds promising)




Take pictures of ourselves (not so much) – front, back, side.


Print these pictures out in A4 size and then stick them up behind our bedroom door where no one would see them but the two of us.


I love my wife, I love every bit of her.


But let’s be honest this is a truly terrifying idea isn’t it. Now keep your mind out of the gutter for a moment and I don’t mean to pry into personal lives but when was the last time you saw a picture of yourself naked. Stark bollock naked from every angle.


I was repulsed at what I saw of myself.


Jesus – no wonder I was unhappy, no wonder I was miserable. Looking at myself, how could anyone love that! This reality check was a massive eye opener. The key driver to what 2012 would bring for me and us as a family.


The other reason that sue (the wife) has played such a massive role in this change is the support she gives, especially in relation to food planning. Each week she devises brilliance in the form of a varied diet which includes all the vegetables and variety we need to keep going. If you plan your food its clear it’s easier to stick to it and stick to being healthy. I just wish there were enough hours in the day to mean that I didn’t have to get up early to exercise and instead wake up with her every morning.


Jump forward to present day and I am 48 hours away from competing in my first ever of any type running race. Being the fat kid at school meant I didn’t do any of that. I threw things a lot.


I have lost 59kgs or 4.2 stone in 10 months.


I am currently 16.5 stone, my lowest weight in close on 10 years.


I have run and cycled 888.13 miles so far this year.


The plans I set up in January have been altered and amended to reflect my commit to this lifestyle change. I am on target to smash these targets. Every single one of them.


Now, I am no writer – I am sure that much is clear, but I hope to keep this up to date going forward. I am running the Flint 10k in two days, hopefully the Conway half marathon in November and then booked in to do @painbarrier in December.


I have already booked to do three events next year @hellrunner in February, market Drayton 10k in May and the @trailwales half marathon in June. Added to this I want to complete a triathlon and later in the year I want to do the coast to coast challenge on my bike.  


My plan is complete one event each month for the year, whilst also increasing the miles I cover running and biking.


The bottom line is this.


If I can do it. Anyone, yes anyone can change their lifestyle around.




  1. A big well done to you! A lovely and honest blog to read. I too found twitter and Stuart by following Jake, I love the twitter keep for community and it also I spired me to sign up to my first duathlon which I completed in sept and I have now signed up for Brighton marathon in feb! So lots of winter training!
    Keep up the good work!

  2. Wow! What can I say?!
    I’m so happy to play a part in your amazing turnaround. I use twitter to help people to just do something and to hear or read your feedback is such a reward for the effort I put in!

    I’m not going to lie but I do most of it for myself for my own motivation but am very aware of how much it helps people like you but your blog has made me feel awesome inside!

    Twitter gives me the chance to do what I do for more people and with Jake’s help even more people than I on my own.

    He will read your blog as my way of thanking him for the publicity he has helped give me.

    As for you, keep on becoming greater and I really hope to meet you and your family one day…at a race! 😉

  3. Thank you for your blog, it was great to read. I have been following Stuart on Twitter since December 2011, via Jake, and Stuart started me running. Never run before and I can now thank him for the state of my blistered feet…completed my first marathon in September! What a great feeling. I hope you stay motivated and enjoy all your races.

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